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Unitary Constitution

As part of the Unitary Constitution, groups are formed to take forward and develop the work and life of the church. At present we have chosen to have Finance, Pastoral Care, Learning and Communication and Outreach.


Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care aims to provide support and comfort for those who are in poor health,housebound or in need of a visit for whatever reason.This is carried out by friends,volunteer visitors and by the minister when possible. The rewards are equally shared by those being visited and those visiting.

The aims of the Learning Group are:

To develop and oversee the provision of relevant programmes in Christian education for all, including an understanding of the Reformed Church’s traditions.

To create an atmosphere which encourages all age groups to be motivated in their continuing Christian education.

To create and support adult bible study groups, youth Scripture Union groups, a Christian library, a calendar of Christian-based events for the young church, a programme of education to increase understanding of church traditions, and to gather information on good practices in other church congregations.

Communication and Outreach
The Outreach and Communication Group was formed when Livingstone Church changed to the unitary constitution. The Communication Group was established by Rev John Lafferty when he became the minister in 1999 and had been working very successfully in the church before the new constitution when it became The Outreach and Communication Group.

The group is made up of a convener, secretary and members. The convener has always been an Elder but it could be any member of the congregation. The members are taken from the congregation.

The activities covered by the group include the gathering of intimations from the congregation and the community, the typing and printing of the Order of Service for each Sunday, the editing and printing of “The Livingstones Herald” every quarter and the organising of the tea & coffee which follows worship on Sunday.

In the past we have been involved – either on our own or jointly with other groups in the church or other churches in the town – in organising social events such as dances, quiz nights, family nights, working with the town’s “Summer Mission”, fund raising, Songs of Praise and Prayer Groups.