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When: Wednesdays (7.00pm – 9.00pm)Guides

The Girl Guides were registered in Livingstone on 27th January 1927. Mrs. G. W. Taylor, the wife of a previous minister, was instrumental in establishing the company. In its 88 years, 1st Stevenston Guides, as the company was called, had had only 7 Guiders – Mrs. Taylor from 1927 until she left Stevenston in 1933, Miss Jennie Kerr 1933-1936, Miss Peggy Fisher 1936-1938, Miss Isobel Scott 1938-1942, Miss Martha Kerr 1942-1971, Mrs. Marion Howie 1971-2013 and Joanna Blaine along with Lee Montgomerie 2013-Present. 1972 saw the birth of a daughter company – the 1st A. It’s first leader was Mrs. Margaret Carey (nee Kerr) and then Mrs. Margo Roy, (daughter-in-law of former minister Iain Roy). This 1st A later dissolved and the 1st Stevenston continues to offer opportunities to the girls of the town.