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Morrison Memorial Window

The following is an extract of an article from the 1937 Jubilee Booklet:

The Morrison Memorial Window

Morrison Memorial Window (1937 Jubilee Booklet)

An outstanding figure in the congregation throughout many years past was James Morrions, Esq., J.P. Mr Morrison truly learned that “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and of his generosity the Church and his fellows tasted fully. It was by an expression of his generous spirit that we received a beautiful memorial stained glass window, which gift surely speaks also of the spirit in which our Master Himself lived and by which he would have us live.

The following explanatory notes indicate the meanings and scenes portrayed in the window:-

This window is a Memorial to Mary Dick Morrison and Jeannie Jack Morrison, wife and daughter of Mr James Morrison, and is a gift to the church by Mr Morrison in grateful acknowledgement of many blessings.

First Light – The subject is The Good Samaritan, and is an illustration of the text, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” The traveller is lying wounded and “the good Samaritan” has come to his aid. The landscape is rocky and inhospitable. The only building seen is a tomb. The colour of the robe of the Samaritan is symbolic of Devotion. The panel in the base of this light represents Faith, and has the text, “Stand fast in the Faith.”

Centre Light – The subject of this light depicts Christ blessing the children. The little girl on the left is “in charge” of two smaller children. One little girl grasps the robe of Jesus symbolising the trust and confidence of the weak in Him. A boy asks for guidance in his studies. The child with the lamb and the little boy with flowers indicate that nothing is unimportant or unworthy of His care. The “city” in the background is symbolic of “The World” and its ways, from which the children are safeguarded. Roses and flowers symbol of the beauty of everyday things. The panel at the base has the device of the “Burning Bush” symbol of His Church in Scotland.

Morrison Memorial Window in the Sanctuary today

Third Light – The subject is the Prodigal Son, and illustrates the love of a father which is all forgiving. Here, again, the colour of the Father’s robe is symbolic of love and devotion. In the background is seen the Home to which prodigal has returned. The panel at the base – the open Bible is symbolic of “Hope” with the text, “We rejoice in the hope of the Glory of God.”

The top panels of all three windows have angels robed in mauve, purple and rose and symbolise Christian love and devotion. The window, including all three lights, is an expression of the text, “The greatest of these is Love.” Love of one’s neighbour in the first light is indicative also of Faith. Love of family in the third light is indicative of Hope. The Centre light includes those two and also illustrates the Text. It will be noticed that while there are three subjects, the window is designed in colour, line and form to harmonise and together illustrate the one message cf Christianity – Love.