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B & J Tours

B and J Tours (1998-2011)

Bus Party in Bute

Bus Party in Bute

B and J Tours differed somewhat from other prestigious tour operators in having no authority whatsoever to conduct their business in the way they did. However, despite destinations as far a-field as Llandudno, Coventry, St Anne’s and Lossiemouth, no insurance claims ever arose, all participants survived, and Christian Aid benefited by many thousands of pounds.

In 1998, J, having spent several decades involved in Sunday-School and Guild bus-outings, now looked forward to having the assistance of B to act as navigator and general factotum in a subsequent series of Mystery Tours and Church Holidays. However, he never did get used to having to drive around major roundabouts several times before the navigator came up with a suitable exit.

B did however benefit from a deeper appreciation of the laws of motion as he gradually perfected the skill of traipsing up and down the aisle of a swaying and speeding charabanc while keeping everyone in order and extracting monies for a variety of charitable ploys.

It is hoped that accounts of particular tours will appear on the website from time to time, bringing back happy memories of times past.