At the last Session Meeting it was agreed that we try to open Livingstone sanctuary by the first Sunday in June. Since all the work has been completed and a professional clean of the entire premises has been undertaken, we are in a position to open gradually throughout the month of May. Presbytery has approved our COVID-19 risk assessments and have given permission for the Sanctuary to be opened. Other areas of the building will not be in use at this time.

Booking will be open from Monday at 10.30am until Thursday at 10.30am* (*or until our capacity has been reached) and you need to book each week you wish to attend. Please click the ‘Book Now‘ button below if it is available or watch the video to assist you to complete your booking.



Sunday worship will be very different:

• Everyone must wear a mask.

• Entry will be by the door on the school side

• Hands will be sanitised on entering the building

• Those attending must register to comply with NHS Test and Protect.

• There will be no choice of seat as we must maintain social distancing.

• There can be no free movement around the sanctuary to speak to others.

• A one way system will be in use.

• All outside doors will remain open for ventilation.

• All cushions have been removed.

• There will be no singing during the service.

• Only the vestibule toilet will be open for use.

• The congregation will exit by the front door.

• Everyone is expected to exit the premises and not gather in groups to talk to others.


When booking, you need to fill out both the booker’s information and attendee information, even if this is the same (there is an option to copy booker’s details for the first attendee).
To complete the booking, you must fill in all required fields. Incomplete fields will be highlighted in red/pink.

Completed bookings will generate an e-ticket. It will not be necessary to bring this with you on the day as we will have your details on the booking system.

We look forward to seeing you at Livingstone Church.